Locally Roasted, Fresh, Specialty Grade Cofee in your home.

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Bake Oven Coffee Roasters   Local, Fresh, Specialty Grade coffee in your home.


Bake Oven Coffee Roasters was born in the pursuit of a great cup of coffee.

We’ve been pursuing a great cup of coffee for years now, and were forever disappointed with the offerings in the area. We felt that while a great cup seemed elusive, it shouldn’t be, and we started roasting our own coffee 5 years ago in that pursuit.


We have found that truly fresh roasted coffee and simple preparation methods made better coffee than we were ever able to purchase in our area.


In that journey for better coffee we moved to the village of Germansville where we could make the commitment to starting what has become Bake Oven Coffee Roasters. We aren’t a coffee shop, we are a coffee roaster. Roasting coffee and helping you raise your coffee satisfaction is our goal.  

Coffee should be worth getting up for and Coffee should put an exclamation point on a great meal.


If your coffee isn’t that good, then maybe Bake Oven Coffee Roasters can help you make better coffee in your home than you’ve ever had anywhere else.

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